Clients Say

“There was a remarkable absence of the buzzwords that can be so typical of consultants. This was just people getting things done in straightforward language.” –Jon Fee, Attorney at Law

“Atieno’s affirming approach permeated all that went on during the day. We dealt with some very difficult issues in a proactive way and left with a plan.” –Janice Goldwater, President, Adoptions Together

“I’ve been to so many meetings where there was endless dialogue, but nothing ever came of it. Atieno kept us focused on getting concrete action steps in place. We covered a lot of ground today and that feels good.” –Mark Aron, Board Chairman of Bread for the City

“Atieno and Nikki are gifted humans; authentic, kind and wise. Nikki is an extraordinary yoga teacher and an intuitive movement guide. Atieno’s training in psychodrama and spiritual instinct are powerful healing tools. Their complementary strengths create a fertile ground for personal discovery and growth, and enable imagination and creation. The retreat I attended was a mix of introspective reflection, collaborative exploration and a healthy dose of FUN! We danced, drank wine, ate delicious food, hiked, wrote, painted, healed and moved.” –Megan Gaffney, Dance it Out Creators’ Retreat 2018

“Atieno is a natural facilitator; experienced, capable, intuitive, brilliant and highly perceptive. She’s been especially good at helping the group see its own behavior without having people become defensive.” –Merianne Liteman, Co-Author, Retreats that Work

“Atieno clearly discerns patterns in behavior and is not afraid to point them out. She is comfortable in both the evocative and provocative modes, prepared to gently elicit information from the group, but also to intervene more strongly when necessary. In Atieno’s quietly confident presence, a group has the reassuring sense that they are in good hands.” –Sheila Campbell, President, Wild Blue Yonder

“This was the best workshop I’ve hosted this year.” –M. K. Brenner, about the More Life Less Stress workshop

“That day was an amazing experience for me and will stay with me always. Thank you for letting me jump into my life with two feet!” –Cheryl Voyles, Psychodrama Workshop at Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica

“I had a great time. It was impressive how fast you bonded the group together.”-Johanna Berglein, Present Yourself in Two Minutes Workshop Participant

“The Powered By Peace Retreat remains one of the most moving experiences of my life.” –Ginny Lenaghen, Blue Cross Systems Analyst

“We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. You have an engaging, warm and relaxing style.” –Sunny Hester, Director, Human Capital, HHS

“My experience working with Atieno has been profound and life-changing. I was embroiled in an intense conflict and wanted someone to help me keep my head above water. I’ve become much more effective, with new skills that let me maintain my balance in the face of huge passions (mine and others’!) In every session she offers some insight that helps me unlock something important and has given me practical tools. As Atieno helped me explore, I began making some shifts. I started feeling lighter, more flexible and balanced.” –N.

“Thanks so much for everything – the sessions with you are always super helpful and empowering.” –N., Attorney

“Dear Atieno,
I hope you’ve been well since the last time we talked. I wanted to share with you some good news today: [X] and I got engaged this week!!!
I wanted to quickly email you to thank you again for helping me work through some of my personal baggage last summer when I started to see you for some relationship coaching. You played an integral role in helping me develop better coping and conflict resolution skills during a very dark, intense chapter of my life, and I am so grateful. Truthfully, my relationships with myself, [X], and other people in my life have been amazing and so much more fulfilling and compassionate since then, largely because of your guidance.

“Atieno is an amazing coach. After coaching with her, I started online dating, and within the year I was married. We just had a baby. I whole-heartedly recommend coaching with her – she makes the process fun, and she is the real thing – understanding, creative, and insightful enough to push you to really reach the results you want.” –Laura S.P., Economist, The World Bank

“Working with Atieno helped me plan a retirement that will make a difference in the world and to achieve breakthroughs in my family relationships that I never imagined possible. The process was a gentle journey into personal insights. Her work is absolutely extraordinary.” –Fred Nunes, Sr. Facilitator, Leadership and Organization Effectiveness unit, The World Bank

“I highly recommend working with Atieno; I consider the time spent with her a very wise investment in myself. As a result of our work together, I have a clearer vision of what I want in my life and the tools to make that vision happen. She is warm, open, intuitive and understanding person who in one sentence could turn my perspective around on an issue. Her coaching has helped me change the course of my life in a positive direction, and I recommend her to anyone wanting to maximize their life and their potential.” –E., a VP in Real Estate

“Had a very good time. Great speaker.”

“Much of what was covered was very interesting and practical. I learned
quite a bit about myself and some techniques for dealing with
personality traits I never recognized as defense mechanisms before. I
really liked Atieno’s enthusiasm and outgoing style more than anything

“The speaker/coach was fantastic. For what I expected this far exceeded
my expectations. I would do more of these events if all the speakers
were this good.”
Christine Dench