Atieno has twenty years of training, facilitation, and coaching experience in corporate, clinical, law enforcement, nonprofit, multilateral and government settings with over 1,000 professionals. Learn more about Atieno >>

Transform an area of your life with weekly support from a seasoned professional coach. When you want to create a new future for yourself and aren’t sure you can, one of the best things you can do is hire a coach. I myself do the same! The coaching process empowers you to create more than you thought possible.

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Meet your goals as a group. I listen to all stakeholders and tailor a structure for a productive meeting or engaging retreat.

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Solve your dilemmas and simplify your life in leadership. I have had the pleasure of working with top-level executives in federal agencies on concerns like work-life balance, leading change, navigating organizational politics, public speaking skills, and unleashing an engaged workforce.

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“My experience working with Atieno has been profound and life-changing.”


“There was a remarkable absence of the buzzwords that can be so typical of consultants. This was just people getting things done in straightforward language.”

Jon Fee, Attorney

“I learned a lot about myself and how to use what I thought were weaknesses as strengths to tackle difficult work dynamics. I highly recommend Atieno’s coaching.”

Pamela B.


Coaching from wherever you are.

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