Participants’ Reviews

“I participated in the Creators’ Retreat last October. So glad I did. I am not usually a retreat sort of person. But the stuff I did there (at a beautiful site), appreciably acted as a wedge into my creative stuck-ness. The facilitators were both intuitive, grounded, and my co-participants inspiring. I saw moments of release and new perception in myself and in others. And I was truly impressed with the participants’ final creative products. Again, coming from a fairly non-socially-focused perspective, I found a surprising and refreshing connection to the varieties of human-being, and was able to re-think some of my own creative aims and at the same time feel part of a stimulating community of seekers and doers that I could call on. (Also, the food was great.) ” –BgF — Intellectual-at-large, sometime filmmaker, and aspiring large format painter

“I just love events with Atieno. She’s meticulously focused on ensuring a positive experience is had by all. She’s warm and lighthearted and adventuresome! Jamaica was delightful. Wonderful accommodations, staff, and the food — simply amazing. Atieno made a comfortable environment for a group of women who hardly knew one another to embrace a universal sisterhood. I hope to attend another one!”-Lisa Richards Toney
Jamaica Retreat – 2018

“Atieno Bird leads with special intuitive gifts, skill, wisdom, experience, compassion and a sense of humor! She is very approachable, humble in her leadership style. She is one of those persons who always makes me feel seen and heard. I heartily recommend her travel adventures, coaching, and healing services to anyone seeking deeper connection to self and others. She leads with ease and authenticity.” –Barbra Graber, Survivors Standing Tall and The Mennonite Abuse Prevention List websites

“I attended the first ‘Women who run with wolves’ retreat and Atieno’s strong, steady and safe presence fostered a sacred space where we could hear our own voice being unearthed from deep underground. Her warmth and unfailing willingness to deeply listen never left the room. She is here to lift us up and hear us roar.”-Erjona Fatusha, Senior Paralegal

“Working with Atieno as a facilitator has turned into a lifelong, unexpected, joyous friendship. Atieno brings care, warmth, understanding and openness to any setting she is a part of. Her abilities to both see and hear other points of view and then reflect back what she has learned and witnessed without judgement, with care and grace are unparalleled to any other facilitator I have worked with. She seeks to understand, not to be right, and in doing so, carves the way for other people to share and discover their best selves. I will continue to work with her and befriend her as long as she will have me.”-Nikki Weaver, Creators’ Retreats Co-leader

“I had a beautiful time in Portugal. We had the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches, eat tasty food, explore small towns and big cities, and listen to wonderful music! I absolutely loved doing yoga on the mountaintop every morning with Nikki, and ending the day with awesome circle activities with Atieno. I can honestly say I came away feeling a little more full, confident, and excited about the things that lie ahead for me. I was also reminded of how easy it really is to connect with others deeply, even in a short amount of time. I felt a sense of community, acceptance, and love from the other women and it reinvigorated me with excitement to connect with other wonderful people that will cross my path in the future.
Thank you again for a great time. I’m so glad I sprung for it and came.”