Singing Over the Bones Creators’ Retreat: Starting Where We Are

Oct 26-29, 2017  

Crozet, VA

La Loba (the Wise Woman) sings over the bones she has gathered. To sing means to use the soul’s voice… to breathe soul over the thing that is ailing or in need of restoration . . . to speak one’s soul from that frame of mind. That is singing over the bones. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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Have you ever wished for a retreat that would not get you “away from it all,” but rather deepen and expand your engagement with our world and your own divine spark? Are you struggling to make contact with vibrant and creative parts of yourself that feel stagnant or blocked? Do you love stories?

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Not your typical personal growth retreat, this weekend is envisioned to be part artists’ colony, part “girls’ weekend.” Activities will include daily hatha yoga, immersion in healing experiences from Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine traditions, and telling and enacting personal stories. It will also include coming together around some of life’s greats: food, wine and conversation. Our aim is to create a final product of our choosing, to be determined by the talents and visions you bring. Together in a beautiful setting we will play and create… something. (Take our survey to let us know what your generative self is up to!) This short piece describes “infinite players:”

“Finite players play to win, and are often superficially rewarded for their play. Infinite players play to continue playing, and are often cosmically rewarded for their play.”

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We will be starting with the story of “Bluebeard” as told by Clarissa Pinkola Estes in Women Who Run With the Wolves as an entry point to our own stories of abandoning, missing, grieving, choosing, claiming, honoring and championing our whole female selves. The generative self is always striving to overcome circumstances, wounds, oppression, conditioning, self-sabotage, and ennui to express and to play. We’ll explore boundaries and the ways we are bound. You’ll find yourself in a safe (though perhaps not always comfortable) creative environment with like-minded women who are committed to healing themselves and the world.

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We chose the Bluebeard story for its rich segue into our theme of liberating the inner creator. We’ll be gathering the bones and putting them back together. Where are the locked rooms in your psyche that you’ve forbidden yourself to go? How do you find the soul-sisters and brothers who can help you unlock the talents you’ve been too afraid unleash and who are strong enough to stand beside you when you look at the painful truths that you’ve been afraid to face?

Have you noticed that when you feel the pain and suffering of others, you’re tempted to minimize your own story? Do you feel helpless in the face of systemic problems like climate change, poverty, and hatred? It’s easy to lose track of your internal world when confronted with big issues that matter, but it’s time that we learn from generations of activists, healers, and leaders who’ve gone before us. The people who create sustainable change and healing in the world are the people who have confronted their own shadows and done their inner work.

This weekend is for female seekers and truth tellers, for those of you wanting to find more embodiment in your life, more play, and more female voyagers to journey with. This intimate setting and small group will allow for deep friendships to emerge. Our hope is to build a community of women that will choose to come together many times over the years we have left in our lifetimes. This is just the beginning.

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This weekend is open to women of all life practices. We start from: we are already creative, resourceful and whole.

The retreat fee includes morning yoga, healthy meals and snacks tailored to dietary needs, (one lunch on your own at the famous “Crozet Pizza” or other local lunch spot,) all facilitated play and fireside sessions and herb walks, wine tasting at a local vineyard or local food destination, and two one-on-one sessions with a facilitator. (Herbal Consult, Healing Touch, Life Coaching)

We will convene on the “Appellation Trail” in Virginia wine country near the heart of Crozet, a small town near Charlottesville, on Thursday, October 26th and depart after brunch on Sunday.

Retreat fee is $600-$750, depending on lodging option selected.  ($600 Dorm, $675 Double, $725 Master Double, $750 Carriage House Double)

Let us know if you can join us!

Atieno, Melanie, and Nikki


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