Solve your dilemmas and simplify your life in leadership. I have had the pleasure of working with top-level executives in federal agencies on concerns like work-life balance, leading change, navigating organizational politics, public speaking skills, and unleashing an engaged workforce.

Executive Coaching Testimonials

“Atieno is an amazing coach. I whole-heartedly recommend coaching with her – she makes the process fun, and she is the real thing – understanding, creative, and insightful enough to push you to really reach the results you want.”

Laura S.P., Economist, The World Bank

“Atieno is an amazing coach. I consider the time spent with her a very wise investment in myself. She is a warm, open, intuitive and understanding person who in one sentence could turn my perspective around on an issue. Her coaching has helped me change the course of my life. She has a remarkable ability to listen and distill the core issue and then reframe it in a way that gives a new perspective, leaving me feeling more powerful and free-er.”

E., a VP in real estate

I met with Atieno virtually for about four sessions. She was very quickly able to guide me to my own answers about which path(s) to follow. I was interested in multiple paths, but didn’t have enough hours in the day to do it all. She helped me clarify some issues.  I appreciated her direct yet empathetic style. She’s a gift!”

Jill N.

“Thanks so much for everything – the sessions with you are always super helpful and empowering.”

N., Attorney

I learned a lot about myself and how to use what I thought were weaknesses as strengths to tackle difficult work dynamics. I highly recommend Atieno’s coaching.”

Pamela B.

I tried coaching as a way to help me through some difficult decisions I was facing.  Along with giving me that extra push to accomplish specific goals in my personal and professional life, Atieno is also just a great person to talk to and really makes you feel comfortable.  She’s is excellent at helping you identify what you want, and then helping set a plan to execute and get results.  Using techniques we worked on, I was able to move into a position at my company I liked more and negotiate a raise.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for coaching.”

Ben Y., Washington DC

“Working with Atieno helped me plan a retirement that will make a difference in the world and to achieve breakthroughs in my family relationships that I never imagined possible. The process was a gentle journey into personal insights. Her work is absolutely extraordinary.”

Fred Nunes, Sr. Facilitator, Leadership and Organization Effectiveness unit, The World Bank

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