Meet your goals as a group. I listen to all stakeholders and tailor a structure for a productive meeting or engaging retreat.

Group Facilitation Testimonials

“We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. You have an engaging, warm and relaxing style.”

Sunny Hester, Director, Human Capital, HHS

“Atieno’s affirming approach permeated all that went on during the day. We dealt with some very difficult issues in a proactive way and left with a plan.”

Janice Goldwater, President, Adoptions Together

“Atieno clearly discerns patterns in behavior and is not afraid to point them out. She is comfortable in both the evocative and provocative modes, prepared to gently elicit information from the group, but also to intervene more strongly when necessary. In Atieno’s quietly confident presence, a group has the reassuring sense that they are in good hands.”

Sheila Campbell, President, Wild Blue Yonder

“There was a remarkable absence of the buzzwords that can be so typical of consultants. This was just people getting things done in straightforward language.”

Jon Fee, Attorney

“I’ve been to so many meetings where there was endless dialogue, but nothing ever came of it. Atieno kept us focused on getting concrete action steps in place. We covered a lot of ground today and that feels good.”

Mark Aron, Board Chairman of Bread for the City

“The speaker/coach was fantastic. For what I expected this far exceeded my expectations. I would do more of these events if all the speakers were this good.”

Christine Dench

“This was the best workshop I’ve hosted this year.”

MK Brenner

“I had a great time. It was impressive how fast you bonded the group together.”

Johanna Berglein

“Atieno is a natural facilitator; experienced, capable, intuitive, brilliant and highly perceptive. She’s been especially good at helping the group see its own behavior without having people become defensive.”

Merianne Liteman, Co-Author, Retreats that Work

“Atieno has spoken to our organization quite a few times, and has done an excellent job responding to our group’s questions in a manner that comes across as understanding, empathetic, and helpful.  She’s not only knowledgeable, but her insightful exercises, and “human” approach make her a great coach.”


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