Transform an area of your life with weekly support from a seasoned professional coach. When you want to create a new future for yourself and aren’t sure you can, one of the best things you can do is hire a coach. I myself do the same! The coaching process empowers you to create more than you thought possible.

Life Coaching Testimonials

“My experience working with Atieno has been profound and life-changing. I was embroiled in an intense conflict and wanted someone to help me keep my head above water. I’ve become much more effective, with new skills that let me maintain my balance in the face of huge passions (mine and others’!) In every session she offers some insight that helps me unlock something important and has given me practical tools. As Atieno helped me explore, I began making some shifts. I started feeling lighter, more flexible and balanced.”


“Wow!  Exceptional Clarity with a lot of wisdom thrown in-a really wonderful experience. Dear Atieno,  I am surprised how you added more ease in my life and I am now ready to take on a project that seemed a bit out of reach before!”

Ilene W., San Francisco

You played an integral role in helping me develop better coping and conflict resolution skills during a very dark, intense chapter of my life, and I am so grateful. Truthfully, my relationships with myself, [X], and other people in my life have been amazing and so much more fulfilling and compassionate since then, largely because of your guidance. THANK YOU AGAIN!”


“Atieno’s coaching has helped me overcome personal blocks and learn the trick to not “getting in my own way.”  She is extremely empathetic and helps her clients cut through to their core issues. I came to her at a point when I was flat out confused about my path. Her coaching has helped me set boundaries and define issues in a way that helped me move forward.”

 Monica S., Washington DC

I worked with Atieno in 2014 for 8 months, and she was incredible.  She really listened which was deeply healing.  She patiently asked questions to help me get underneath my own story about myself or a situation, never judging, always supportive, while not afraid to show tough love and tell me how it is.  Most of all, I liked that she gave me tasks or objectives at the end of each call to work on between sessions.  This created accountability and made me feel empowered to take control of my own well being.  Plus it is super convenient to do phone session.  Plus more affordable. I would definitely work with her again.”

Katie A., Alexandria

Atieno sets individuals on a course to live the life they really want to be living using a unique blend of common sense and intuition, and backed by years of training. Atieno strikes the perfect balance with her no-nonsense approach to feedback blended with compassion.”

Melissa F., Manhattan

“I am so grateful! Atieno was able to help me clearly discern the next steps – this was hugely helpful. She was both affirming and prepared to say the difficult things I needed to hear. I really appreciate this about her coaching. She is a great resource, too, in terms of her knowledge of different approaches to dealing with all sorts of life challenges (challenges in work, love, personal, health, etc.). Finally, I must say how much appreciated how REAL she is.”

Soula P.

“I am very thankful – Atieno is a gem. At the end of every session I am left feeling confident and clear.” 

Joshua S., San Francisco

“I learned quite a bit about myself and some techniques for dealing with personality traits I never recognized as defense mechanisms before. I really liked Atieno’s enthusiasm and outgoing style more than anything else.”


I’m so grateful for another chance at being really healthy, something I haven’t been for many years.  Now if I can just build up the muscles in my right leg, I’ll be able to bound up steps again! 🙂  The key thing is that I actually feel like doing it.”


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